Sunday, May 12, 2013

When Crimes are not Crimes: or, You Don't Matter.

The Internal Revenue Service admitted this past week that it deliberately targeted third-party political groups prior to the 2012 campaign in an illegal effort to prevent Americans from running their own government.

The I.R.S. should be defunded and exterminated, NOW.

The Federal Reserve should be audited, closed, and eliminated, NOW.

According to the pablum offered up by the excuse maker for the administration, this was merely a few "low level" functionaries abusing their offices, access, and powers, and we, the people, should not be concerned.

I'll quit being concerned when these sedition-committing traitors are dead for their crimes.

Not prosecuted, not imprisoned, not removed from public service, not fined, DEAD.

This is an act of war against the people of the United States by a government too corrupt to live.

But of course, nothing will happen of any consequence, not to these Democratic and GOP party criminals, nor their bosses.

Because crimes are not crimes when they're the policy of the ruling government enacted against the rule of law and the people.

Where's the prosecutors? Where's the gun-toting, black-suited LEO's taking down these criminals at THEIR homes and places of work, handcuffing them and taking them away?

This government is unfit for the earth.

No mention of punishment, or reparations for the victims, no, we who suffer real financial and personal damages because of the crimes of these "functionaries" are supposed to just live with the results.

How about you trash in Washington start living with the results?

As a citizen who has suffered multiple criminal acts, institutional discrimination, and felony violence by several of these "low level functionaries" and the bosses who PROFIT from their crimes, I'd like to know what makes these D.C. sewage think I should just live with the losses and injuries without retaliation?

Here's a better question. Why should the American People continue to just "live with it?"

We are facing a government controlled by a group of admitted criminals, guilty of crimes of war, crimes against constitutional governance, crimes against humanity, and systemic, intentional, sedition.

If there were justice on earth, Washington D.C. would be burned black and level with ground to the sea, and every, single, scum who holds office or wears its uniform would die with it.

Never forget, never surrender, and hunt them the world over, no matter how many generations it takes, nor where they hide.

The generation that pulled off the Gulf of Tonkin and the murder of over 65K Americans and the slaughter and communist imprisonment of over 3 Million Asians were never punished.

If we have to hunt down their children after this generation dies, these filth WILL BE.

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