Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Israel Attempts to Tell Russia What to Do.

After having the usual D.O.S. attacks on my site and personal L.A.N., we are back again as the U.S. led aggression in Syria continues to get ever more grim, and Americans stay ever more ignorant.

I suppose most people don't realize that the Russian Republic maintains a warm-water naval base in Syria. Russia also was the primary oil contractor in pre-"revolutionary" Libya, and is the primary foreign oil partner along with China, in Iran.

So perhaps the United States should rein-in its' regional proxy before Washington winds up facing the Russians and Chinese in a hot, non-proxy war.

Russia has apparently supplied Syria with advanced anti-aircraft and anti-shipping missile systems, this is not because the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists the United States is arming and equipping have obtained fighter aircraft or attack boats.

Like the post-war United States, Israeli governments seem to believe that they have authority to do whatever they like outside their own borders, all for "preemptive security" of course.

Is that why Israel launched a nuclear strike outside Damascus this month? Strange that the use of a nuclear weapon should barely make the news here in America.

Oh wait, it was OUR ALLY that did that, and not some Islamic state or Communist dictatorship.

Israel might want to stop aiding Muslim extremists, but since they've already helped the Muslim Brotherhood and several Al Qaeda factions take over neighboring Egypt, it's interesting to speculate why.

Has a deal been struck with the United States-led world triumvirate to allow the Muslim Brotherhood to replace secular Arab, Egyptian, and Iranian governments in exchange for peace with Israel?

Or have the "great powers" simply returned to plying the "great game" of the 19th century?

We all know how well that worked out, correct?

After the failed revolutionary movements of 1848, the pseudo-aristocracy of the emerging industrial classes and the remaining REAL aristocracy of the landed, governing classes, met in a series of conclaves not unlike our latter-day Bilderbergers that the historians call the Congresses of Vienna ("Bing" it, since I know your public school history course never mentioned them).

At these congresses the ruling classes threw a few bones to nationalist movements to tamp down regional unrest that was destabilizing Italy and the Germanic states while making moves to ensure the continuing domination of existing financial, trading, and resource markets by the ruling interests.

The newly unified nations of Italy and Germany, with strong, centralized governments epitomized, by Garibaldi and Bismark, were supposed to keep the threatening masses of their regions at bay while providing  military bulwarks against encroachments from the Ottoman Empire and Russia.

What actually occurred were a series of wars that bled the continent for the next half-century, culminating in the disaster of the First World War, which destroyed the Ottomans and Czarist Russia, but left chaos and a Marxist revolutionary state in its wake. Russia would spend the next twenty-five years locked in a three-way civil war, while in the West, all the border-drawing and deal-making of the old guards of Europe couldn't contain the violence and emergent nationalism of peoples long abused by just such rulers.

The peoples "betters" failed, repeatedly and miserably. Their control of financial and resource markets led to  a series of "panics" and then the Great Depression. Their monopoly of force and authoritarian governments led to Statism and genocide. Religion, press and media, social and hard sciences, along with the newly emerging phenomena of celebrity, were all pressed into service of the states, with various theorists of the human condition telling their fellows how smart the new rulers were.

The new centralized states were scientific marvels, not the thuggery of medieval cretins who slashed and burned their recalcitrant populations, the lower classes would be freed from their ignorance and suffering by submission to the scientifically designed state.

And the whole thing collapsed into the worst degradation of the human species in the history of the world, called World War Two.

But then, just as now, the ruling minorities did very well for themselves, profiteering and consolidating power and resources with abandon.

Then as now, the ruling minorities armed thugs and sent them into the streets with state authority to beat unwilling populations into submission.

Then as now, statist governments passed laws that gave them unlimited powers over the lives, labor and property of their peoples; not that this made anything they did anymore lawful than the gun that a mugger holds to your head while robbing you does.

The people that languished in the prisons and died in the gulags were all robbed, abused, and murdered with lawful propriety.

Then as now, two sets of laws and two sets of outcomes were practiced: one for the slaves and one for the few.

The next conflagration is going to make the failures of the old order seem like paradise by comparison.

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