Thursday, May 16, 2013

Slavery, Alive and Well in America and the Western World, 2013

Are you free? How free are you?

As part of an end-of-the-year writing assignment, a final essay if you will, a teacher gave the class an assignment description that required the students to comment on whether they were, in fact, free men and women or no.

The answers might surprise you.

The majority of the students, who ranged between the ages of 18-25 and females over males by a two-to-one ratio, replied that they were quite aware of the very real facts that they were not free people by any true measure of the phrase. Most cited government coercion by threat and force of arms in almost every aspect of their lives as the single most obvious indicator that neither they, nor the rest of us, were anything more than  "slaves with collars around our necks," (as one African-American student so aptly put it).

Which puts to the question: "By what authority does the Federal Government of the United States compel you to support it?"

Please remember, slavery is illegal in America and the West, without exception.

Most defenders of the status quo will quickly jump to the strawman of anarchy or social obligation. We have fifty, sovereign, state governments that provide governance and regulation for us, refusing to support the Federal Government, which is a VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATION, is not the same thing.

Please remember, slavery is illegal in America and the West, without exception.

People like to bring out the old saw that: we are not a democracy, we're a democratic republic. Well, they seem to forget another very real fact: that we have a FEDERAL government, not a CENTRAL one.

One might raise the question of how a criminal, outlaw government that violates the very charter under which it exists can demand a free people continue to support or obey it? Especially when "law enforcement" and the "justice system" (PUKE), fail to protect the citizenry, enforce the laws, or punish the criminals.

This creates a  caste system in which one group of citizens are exempt from criminal punishment and the rest are not only subject to a state system of violence, but have no legal remedy for crimes committed against them, their property, labor, or rights.

As for rights, well, 1. They're not privileges, and 2. The Federal Government never issued them, and cannot revoke them.

I could argue this with you, dear reader, but it would take far more space and time than we have here, besides, the history and precedent is easily pointed out in law and practice, and I doubt anyone but a shill for the current, criminal, regime would ever attempt to argue otherwise. If they do, it's easy enough to tear their excuses to shreds with the facts, whether they like them or not.

Another fact, that really can't be refuted, is that since the end of the Second World War, the Federal Government and it's agents have set out to systematically rewrite our rights, system of governance, and national organization to fit the desired model of a wannabee, ruling minority. A group I named the pseudo-Aristocracy many years ago.

If you are of the camp that believes a handful of men and women should be able to dictate to the remaining 350 million, then I suppose the existence of this cabal of crap makes you quite happy. If however, you are not a wannabee national socialist, and actually want to continue to be a free, American citizen, with the same rights and freedoms as your ancestors exercised under what remains to be the sovereign, social contract of this nation, you probably understand why a third of the nation in a recent poll stated that they believe a civil war is likely in the next decade to prevent the continuing consolidation of wealth, property, and power in the hands of an illegal government junta in Washington.

A government that prints money out of air, gives it to private companies, allows them first-use of said money to purchase real goods and property, and then passes the bills on to you as debt; enriching both their cronies and themselves while monopolizing production of real goods and commodities that threatens the welfare, safety, and stability of your communities and the nation.

They figure people who can't eat or pay their bills are unable to resist a criminal government's armed takeover. All that debt they tack onto your back and the backs of your children, goes to pay for the weapons these criminal thugs need to slaughter your family into submission.

What else do you think they're for?

Feel free yet?

In the Central African Republic, a civil war raged that pitted a dictator against the inevitable resistance groups, an old story for a post-colonial world. The ruling party outlawed farming in the nation. Once this was  done, a corporate monopoly was created whereby all food, fuel, and medicine coming into the nation was tightly controlled by the central authority. The results of all this was the organized extermination of half the country, with families being criminalized for growing the food they needed to live.

Sound like any current policies being pursued in the United States and the E.U.?

Any "Corporate Partners" with the current, illegal, Washingtonian maneuvers come to mind?

So what? You argue: "I'm not a slave, we have lots of freedoms here others don't have."


You're free to work and pursue success in America, IF you pay for the privilege and abide by whatever conditions somebody sets up--from some local ordinance forbidding you to work from your home to the 25 feet of federal regulations that currently define what you're PERMITTED to do by some hacks in government.

Meanwhile, if you starve or lose your possessions and become a broke, homeless person, it's your fault.

You're free to travel and associate with folks and work together to get ahead; except, when the government says otherwise, or illegally blocks, circumnavigates, or harasses your attempts by threat or actual force.

Like the recent I.R.S. and Justice Department scandals have shown to the world.

Question: "Why should anyone pay taxes to the I.R.S. since it stands proven that the I.R.S. is an outlaw organization?" Having committed crimes against the people of the United States, how can anyone be forced to support them?

Hitler made the Jews work in the factories also. We hung the Nazis for that.

The Federal Government of the United States has no right to compel you to do anything in support of it.  You, as a free citizen of whatever state you live in, have the right to refuse to support any government that has committed criminal acts against your person.

There are legions of Americans, myself included, that have had felony, criminal, acts committed against our persons and property and rights by agents of the Federal Government of the United States.

Apologies without remedies are not only useless, but an outrage. The disgusting mouthing of words by some politician or government functionary that does nothing about the offenses committed.

We're supposed to just live with the harm caused by these acts, and expect nothing in return.

This Federal Government is a criminal organization--its members are criminals--its actions are criminal--and there is no lawful means by which any free citizen may be compelled to support its existence.

It's failure would mean hardship, destruction, and suffering? GOOD. Crime should bring hardship and suffering. Its time the filth of D.C. suffered for their very real, vile, disgusting, criminal actions.

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