Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We wouldn't support Ron Paul because he's an anti-semite?

I was reminded of this caveat this past weekend. The GOPer media was quite effective in using this lie during their illegal nomination of Nelson Rockefeller's pal, Mitt Romney.

Evidently, many otherwise erudite and intelligent folks still buy into the lie of the two-party system.

If there's two parties, how come the agenda never changes?

Pro-Israeli folks disliked Ron Paul because he wanted to cut foreign aid to the Jewish State, along with every other state, since America is literally borrowing money at interest, and giving it away.

We're broke, but it's probably hard to remember that with taxpayer-funded millionaires partying along the Potomac. On credit they sign your names to.

As for the Ron Paul Anti-Semitic smear campaign, let me ask you this:

Is Mitt Romney more pro-Israel?  You really think so? Why?

More importantly, Mitt Romney, an ILLEGAL candidate, put in place with massive ELECTION FRAUD, was unable to win his own party's nomination, let alone beat Barack Obama.

Ron Paul was admittedly the only GOP candidate who could have beaten Obama, the useless FOX media idiots publicly said so, after the fact.

So you allowed Barack Obama to win because forcing your banker-owned trash onto the GOP voters was more important than winning the election.

So, tell me, whose the bigger Anti-Semite? Barack Obama or Ron Paul?

Let's go down a list of recent American Presidents:

John F. Kennedy, not a particular fan of all things Jewish.
Lyndon Johnson, (no comment needed)
Richard Nixon, his famous recording discussing the "Jewish problem" of America tells us his position.
Gerald Ford, (this caretaker president, given his position in an illegal deal for Nixon's pardon) Mr. Ford's feelings about Israel and Jews are not defined in the public record. He held to the traditional position of U.S./Israeli alliances.
Jimmy Carter, brokered the Camp David Accords, pushed for Middle East peace, instigated a wide variety of covert operations around the globe in a multiplicity of nations--did not seem very Pro-Israel, and  was quite critical of Israeli actions in the region.
Ronald Reagan, staunchly pro-Israeli, pro-Jewish, and this trend has continued in a faction of the conservative movement in the GOP until this day.
George H.W. Bush, interesting case, very much involved in using Israeli and Jewish interests to pursue American hegemony over the Middle East, not a supporter of the Jewish people.
Bill Clinton: Bill was a globalist, that means Jews are not his favorite people.
Bush Jr., continued the "we use them because they're useful to us" policies of his daddy. Not a fan of the Jews.
President Barack H. Obama, "I stand with the Muslims," has supported the "Arab Spring" uprisings, illegally waged wars around the African, Levant, Middle Eastern parts of the world, supports the Muslim Brotherhood, supports the immigration of Muslims into Europe, supports Sharia law, supports the Palestinian State, has overthrown secular governments in Egypt and Libya, and is supporting Muslim terrorists in Syria. Has demanded Israeli concessions including the return to 1967 borders and a two-state solution in Israel, with the city of Jerusalem divided into two capitols. A member of Jeremiah Wright's church, where Jews are blamed for a host of the world's ills via finance, education, government, and banking, and much, much more.

Yeah, you guys were so worried about the claims of Antisemitism you voted into office the biggest anti-Semite in modern times.

We don't need to worry about how pro-Israel the AMERICAN PRESIDENT IS, because as we have seen, the president's personal feelings don't equate to national policy by congress. We need to worry about how PRO-AMERICA the AMERICAN PRESIDENT IS, because from the Patriot Act to the NDAA to the recently passed Martial Law legislation, the current president has shown his self not only to be a criminal threat to the people of the United States, but to Israel and the rest of the world as well.

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