Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Day After: New Book on JFK brings his admiration of Nazism to light.

God has an impeccable sense of timing.

Just a day ago, I published a blog entry about the illegal nomination of Mittens Romney, the criminals behind his campaign, and the GOPer calls of anti-semitism against Ron Paul.
BTW FoxNews Viewers, if Ron Paul was antisemitic, why didn't the Democrats ever say so?

Today, news outlets are reporting that a new biographical study of JFK's personal papers has revealed his admiration for Hitler's Germany. This is in keeping with his father, who had business and personal ties to the Nazi regime prior to the war as well.

So to state yet again, a United States President's personal feelings, antisemitic or not, have had little to do with national policies towards our ally Israel or support for the Jewish people.

Until now. The current, Democratic administration is the most openly, antisemitic American government since the end of WWII.

Why? Because not only is it apparent that our current leader and his cronies care little for Israeli concerns, but they are openly pro-Islamic, actively supporting Muslim extremism and violence around the world and facilitating and supporting Muslim emigration into the West.

More riots today in Sweden, another copy cat butchery in Britain.

Keep thinking that GOP is somehow different from the rest of government.

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