Monday, May 20, 2013

Using the I.R.S. as Thought Police?

Lately a slew of minor personalities, from media performers to clergy, have come forward with tales of being targeted by the Internal Revenue Service or the Department of Justice under the current administration. While some of these claims appear spurious (it's not your politics that got you audited, mister slimy businessman, it's your failure to pay taxes), an entire army of ordinary citizens appear to have been placed under the government lash for failure to adhere to the cult of the supreme leaders.

These stories, told by everyday Americans across the country, and folks of every race and creed, show that thousands of people were subjected to abuse by government for the crime of being "too uppity" for the house servants in Washington.

Ya know, the owners of the plantation don't like no uppity folk, and their privileged servants in D.C. don't like nothin' that massa don't like.

Bet you still thought those idiots in public office actually run the country. My question is, "who runs them?"

In 2010, I was subjected to several of these types of abuses by agents of the federal government. My personal records, my student records, my finances, my work history, my background, my religious affiliations, my email records, my blog postings, and my voting registration were all rifled through and reviewed, and "redone" and "looked over" by a hosts of state and federal employees from various places, including universities I had attended or worked for, civil service offices I had been in the employ of, and more.

Where did these non-governmental, private groups get my personal information? Was it some "rogue employees" working for the state government's computer network who made my emails public? Of course not, as the administrators of my university put it: "of course we investigated all your personal information."
The fact that deliberate fraud and other criminal acts were involved didn't bother them one bit. When their crimes were reported, no action was ever taken against the criminals.

"You should sue them for damages!" Sure, you can sue, and win...

And never work again.

Or suffer a host of other harassment by folks well-paid with taxpayer dollars to carry them out.

The abuses of government are not a partisan issue. It's not just the current occupant of the White House that's guilty of using the police powers of the state for their personal agenda, both sides have and continue to do so with equal culpability and glee.

They seem to think that they have the right to keep a gun to the heads of the American people.

And they will, as long as the American people don't crush them for it.

America the free indeed.  

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