Sunday, May 26, 2013

What Else Aren't the American People Being Told?

We've certainly seen enough accidents and natural disasters lately.

But, what about so many of these events that were in the media cycle for a day or two, and then disappeared from the radar?

There were several man-made events these past few months that leave one wondering just what is going on?

We had several oil pipeline failures around the time the debate over pipeline construction was in the media, some of those dumped quite a bit of crude in places like Arkansas, were these incidents coincidences, or acts of sabotage by anti-development extremists?

The explosion of the fertilizer plant in Texas has been knocked off the news by recent events, who or what caused that massive explosion?

Other chemical facilities have experienced incidents, are these industrial accidents, or attacks on infrastructure?

While the recent spate of road and bridge failures appear to be nothing more than government dereliction of duty and criminal negligence, if our bridges are so weakened that a minor incident can bring them down, how susceptible to a terror attack would our roads and highways be?

With the long-running problems at a couple of nuclear plants back in the news, we need to know if the atomic energy industry is in as bad a shape as the rest of the country's infrastructure.

Like our outdated and failing power networks, or our water, sewage, and garbage systems.

Strange that these government types can find all the money they need to put a rifle to the heads of the people, but can't fix the damn roads.

You know, the job you steal extra money from us for deliberately every paycheck and never accomplish, while paying yourselves millionaire wages at our expense.

The Government can afford the Dept. of Homeland Security's purchases of millions of rounds of ammo, advanced armored vehicles and population terror weapons (oh, and thousands of drones), but can't pay the bills, keep the lights on, regulate industry, fix the roadways, or secure the borders.

Washington D.C. is a national disgrace.

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