Friday, May 24, 2013

The State, Incompetent, Violent, Criminal, and FAILED.

What do British Prime Minister Cameron, French President Sarkozy, and Germany's Merkel all have in common? Since 2010, all have publicly admitted that the policies of a multicultural state in Europe have been abject failures.

The most recent items to make news are the now annually occurring Islamic riots in Europe, this year destroying Sweden, a nation known for its' progressive, rational, and inclusive policies. High unemployment, racial and societal tensions, and failure of migrant populations to assimilate are among the causes blamed for an as of now five/six days of repeated racial and ethnic rioting.

In Jolly-Ole England, an off-duty soldier was run over with a car and then beheaded with a meat cleaver by two Muslims. Who then aired the entire crime on the Internet and gave a bloody rant about their attack.
Both men were shot when armed police arrived and are now in custody.

A disarmed populace is now at the mercy of these random extremists. How's those Marxist-based ideals about state monopoly of violence working for you lately?

You see, in the E.U. and Britain, you don't have the right to defend your life or property, so the criminals always get the first strike.

As for failures of the grand state authority here at home, another bridge collapsed on a major, American interstate yesterday, with no word on death toll or injured as of last night (wouldn't want to disturb the indentured servants going into the weekend, now would we?). Strange, I remember billions of dollars going specifically for "shovel ready" jobs that focused particularly on infrastructure, particularly on public works, particularly on bridges and similar structures on our roads and highways.

And I particularly remember, nothing ever actually got done other than union leadership and the usual political classes in D.C. and elsewhere getting well-paid at the taxpayer's eternal trough of free money.

Because having roads that don't fall down and kill you are so overrated.

Someone please remind us why we pay these failures in public office anything at all? Why, if they are incapable of the most basic functions of government, we continue to allow these folks to exist in our societies?

A government that can't keep the roads built, nor the lights on, nor the borders secured, nor the people safe, is nothing more than parasites gorging on the public largess.

Of course, the Swedes, British, and American peoples will continue to be obediently herded like cattle by these political scum in charge, because the armed criminals that work for them will ensure that with threats of violent death, prison, and confiscation of property.

The fact that these government thugs can never seem to use any of that violence to actually punish or threaten the criminals notwithstanding.

Speaking of threatening evil or punishing the criminal, President Barack Obama gave a speechifying apologetic in which he revealed that three other American citizens had been murdered by drone strikes besides suspected Islamic militant Anwar al-Awlaki.

According to fearless leader, these acts are legal, and he's very upset over all the non-combatants that have been killed "by accident".

Gee, isn't killing masses of uninvolved, innocent, bystanders what a couple of terrorist bombers were just hunted down for in Boston a while back?

The United States continues to devolve into something resembling a Peronist' state, while the E.U. looks not unlike some sub-Saharan war zone.

The pseudo-aristocracy and their "we know better" technocrats have utterly failed. Now they're simply amassing power and monopolizing armed force to prevent being held accountable for their own criminal acts. Murder in the streets, murder in the halls of government, failure to provide the most basic public requirements for the people...

How long O'Lord before we get rid of these criminals once and for all?

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