Saturday, May 25, 2013

The GOP, Still Trying to Ride the TEA Party's Coattails.

I am sick and tired of seeing MSM zombies lumping the TEA Party and Libertarians with the GOP. The GOP does not represent TEA Party and Libertarian interests. The TEA Party and Libertarian Movement are not part of the Republican Party.

During the elections of 2010 the Republican Party attempted a huge, multi-year, multi-regional, push to co-opt the TEA Party and other Patriot movements into the RINOs' big tent. These efforts included huge, corporate funding for pseudo-patriot groups that would divert money and voters from the actual, independent political groups that had sprung up as a direct challenge to RINO, Corporate-fed, fascism. The astro-turfers had quite a bit of success in forcing out the original, grassroots activists and where they didn't succeed, they went even farther.

Paid Republican Party Members, like the now infamous "Libertarian" Wayne Allen Root, used GOPer money and a cadre of GOPer members who "joined" his regional Libertarian Party, eventually taking control of the groups' administration, as means to prevent the emergence of a real, independent, political party that would sweep the criminal sewage known as the Republican Party from national relevance. His efforts became completely clear in September of 2012, when Wayne Root publicly "rejoined" the Republican Party and attempted to drag as many Libertarian voters over to the ILLEGAL Mitt Romney campaign as possible. Crime and treason need not be worried about.

In the years prior to 2012, many regional Republican Party hacks took to local airwaves via talk radio, telling the public quite brazenly that the GOP's set purpose was to co-opt or destroy the TEA Party movement and the other independent political parties, of which the Libertarians were the greatest threat to the status quo, one-party rule of Washington D.C.

The Democratic Party's claims of astro-turfing, and of the TEA Party being a corporate-based shill were at least partially true, except that the targets of their ire had been created and funded directly by GOP interests and money, not by independent groups of local voters, as the actual TEA Party groups and Libs were.

Now we have a slew of scandals in the Capitol, where agency after agency, and politician after politician, have been found actively subverting and suppressing the political activity of Americans. These Americans were targeted by race (African-Americans, Jews, and Whites), class and incomes, and other factors, but the intentions of the guilty were the same in all cases, that of a ruling class preventing the criminal punishment of its own members for the crimes they have committed.

You're bought and paid for Americans, don't you notice there's a collar round your necks?

I will never support the GOP for any reason. I'd rather see the nation die than allow the status quo to continue. The extermination of Washington D.C. from American society must occur.

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