Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Junk Science, the Servant of Prevailing Culture

This week we've discussed academic fraud on the left, hypocrisy and corruption in the academies, let's not forget that the "right" in America has just as much to answer for; from it's anti-scientific bigotry (no forgetting that "legitimate rape" thing, is there?), to the folks who claim Ussher's 7K years-old earth, to the ones who claim "radiation can be good for you." (Coulter). To the right's own use of pseudo and biased "science" to support their pet assertions.

Today I read a report that deals with just this type of bias, it involves a university administrator, a political activist, and their desire to produce media that portrays a major political figure in an admittedly artificial, but desired, way.

Wonder if this guy might be biased against students or faculty who don't support his "vision?"

I wonder if this would use his position to discriminate against these students?

After all, having dissenting voices around might undermine this guy's goals or lessen his payday.

Too bad such discrimination is illegal, and the university that allows it, liable for the consequences.

More on this one when I get the research done.

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