Monday, May 27, 2013

Blissful Ignorance and War Crimes in the M.E.

Reports are showing up around the world of a tactical nuclear strike in Syria by the nation of Israel. Reports are now coming out of losses suffered by Israeli forces, including downing of fighter aircraft and the sinking of a nuclear-armed Dolphin-class submarine by Syrian defense forces as the State of Israel continues to meddle in the region's civil war.

Turkey has also reportedly lost a wing of F-15 fighter jets and has suffered casualties from troops it has infiltrated into the combat zone of its regional neighbor.

Israeli forces are now said to fear a massive retaliation,  by both the Syrians and by Hezbollah from Lebanon. The Russian Republic moved a large naval contingent into the area and Putin's government has issued plain warning about any further Israeli interference in the war.

If Israel has used nuclear weapons against Syria, what will be the outcome? What should be the consequences for such an act of war?

As the United States backed Muslim Brotherhood forces lose the conflict in Syria and international powers like Russia block more NATO-led intervention in the region, it looks like the current American regime of butchering anyone you don't like in the third world may well have led to the criminal use of an atomic weapon of mass destruction by a supposed non-combatant nation, one openly allied with the United States.

If Iran, North Korea, or any other state had illegally used a nuclear weapon, the U.S.A. would be invading within hours "to punish the guilty."

If our closest ally in the Middle East has committed this act of nuclear terrorism, the future of U.S. leadership in the world is now at risk, as is the ability of American and Western States to ensure the safety of Israel.

I doubt the Israeli government would use such a weapon without at least notifying the White House that they intended to do so...

Time for someone to be asking the right questions.

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