Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Once more on Antisemitism and the Obama Administration for the FoxNews Viewers

Okay Tim, the overwhelming response has said, "Why, if the President's peccadilloes on Israel and Jews aren't important, has the Obama administration been so antisemitic compared with past administrations?"

Simple. Because while other Presidents have often been antisemitic in belief, they were not pro-Islamic in practice.

President Barack Obama is not just an antisemite, he's a cheerleader for the Islamic caliphate.

President Obama doesn't just not care much for Jews or Israel, he hates them and actively supports their enemies, as does the Democratic Party.

I have often wondered why so-named "liberals" (there's nothing liberal about them), support genital mutilation, the execution of homosexuals, the abuse of women and adolescents: physically, emotionally, sexually, by violence and by law, and yet complain about the so-called "intolerance" of American society at the drop of a hat.

Islam murders girls for going to school. Islam murders gays for being homosexual. Islam believes there is no age of consent for marriage or sexual relations with girls/women. Islam believes a woman is one-half of a man. Islam demands morality laws in all aspects of private lives, and demands submission by all members of society, consent is not needed.

Islam believes in the divine right of a ruling, religious class to literally hold guns to the heads of your children and demand whatever they see fit.

Yet there are no more cautious, forgiving, or silent enablers of these criminals than the American Democrat.

Recently, a few braver souls from the Democratic Party and media came forward and ashamedly admitted why this was the case; that they were afraid of Muslim violence if they dared criticise the crimes of these folks.

I have no use for cowards--these guys' beliefs are nothing more than convenience.

And the GOPers have purposely elected these guys because they couldn't get their Wall-Street poster boy elected by lawful or unlawful means.

The GOP is just as crooked, spoiled, and arrogant as the rest of this trash.

Death to the lot of them.

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