Thursday, May 16, 2013

More Washington Crime and Slime in Prime Time

President Obama, sorry, I almost feel bad picking on such an easy target right off the bat, "fired" the temporary head of the Internal Revenue Service over the abuse scandal this week.

Except....that the man was scheduled to leave next month anyway, and evidently no criminal or civil penalties, nor loss of income or benefits or golden parachute will be forthcoming for the man in charge while these crimes were committed.

You say this is unacceptable President Obama, now PUNISH THE GUILTY and give recompense to those harmed.

That's what's defined as ENFORCING THE LAW.

Not some platitudes by some six or seven figure salary government hacks.

Hey community organizer, remember this one? NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE.

Not that the GOP is any better. The Mitt Romney nomination scandal of last election remains uninvestigated, unprosecuted, and ignored.

Every time some GOPer mouths off about election fraud on the Democratic side, I want to rip his head off with the back side of a claw hammer.

The GOP was wailing about the abuse of the TEA Party by the administration, ignoring the reality that the GOP's stated intentions during the previous election was the co-opting and/or destruction of the TEA Party by whatever means, legal or not, it took to continue to ensure the status-quo, two-party (yeah, right) system, dominance of government.

The GOP needs to be closed, its leadership arrested and prosecuted, its assets seized.

The TEA Party is not an arm of the GOP, and never has been, despite all their attempts to the contrary.

The Libertarian/Ron Paul movement were not members of the GOP, never have been, and would just as soon skin these GOPers alive as look at them.

Run either Marco Rubio or Ron Paul, GOPers, we will vote for neither, and we will not forget.

The only decent use for the Democratic Party is the destruction of the GOP.

After proving that various agencies of the Federal Government have been harassing and abusing citizens for political ends, why haven't at least some States thrown the Feds OUT?

Forget 10th Amendment powers, just criminalize their operations and shoot them down in the streets if they don't comply.

Remind Washington where sovereign authority actually exists in America.

Why haven't the indicted and convicted in multiple courts war criminals, residing in the United States, been turned over for prosecution and justice?

Could it be that their names are Cheney and Bush?

Why should the IRS and Federal Reserve be allowed to continue to exist? Not only did they target Democratic Party opponents, but government critics and JEWS.

Whose the Nazi now Keith Olbermann?

It shouldn't surprise you that Jews were targeted by the administration. I wrote recently about World Net Daily, or WND, being a media site that received funding from the Israeli Government. The same media outlet that pushes incessantly for war with Iran to the point of creating fake media stories and even fake media personalities to do so.

We went through that with the War in Iraq, remember guys? Not falling for it again.

One might question why the Israeli government is actively attempting to criticize and defame President Obama's administration, but I think the answer might bother some folks.

Meanwhile, Eric Holder still hasn't been prosecuted for illegally smuggling guns into Mexico.

We at least prosecuted Oliver North for illegally smuggling arms into Iran.

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