Friday, May 10, 2013

The grandson of Malcolm X was murdered in Mexico. He was 30.
For a family that has endured several deaths by violence, betrayal from among their own, and the unpunished murder of at least one son, and now probably another...words fail to convey the burden.

The press articles all gave routine mention of the young man's juvenile and minor history of run-ins with the law, while simultaneously quoting how "he was getting his life on track."

This kind of reporting is boilerplate now for any young African-American man who is a victim of violence.  Mr. Malcolm Shabazz wasn't some troubled teen, he was an experienced activist. He'd overcome a difficult and troubled youth to become a sought-after public speaker  His death more troubling for its being unremarkable in today's world.

On the subject of ordinary murder, Dr. Kermit Gosnell's jury is still out after a week of deliberation. One can't help but speculate that some members of the jury are trying to protect the abortion industry. Dr. Gosnell's conduct and the manner in which his clinic operated are clear violations of the standards of both the medical profession and the abortion industry, and pressure from the pro-choice bunch has no place here. Gosnell's trial has ripped the mask off of America's, government-funded, Murder-Inc.

Blood splattered rooms? Live births left in toilets? This is a medical clinic in the United States?

Let's not forget that the vast majority of Dr. Gosnell's patients were women of color.

Guess Mrs. Sanger's policy of genocide of non-whites wasn't so far-fetched after all. This is what your government is supporting--the murder of African-American children, and the abuse of African-American women.

The simple facts are, no medical facility run in this fashion is acceptable, no matter what services they perform. Any doctor committing these acts anywhere except at an abortion clinic would be in jail for life.

There's no defending this one pro-choicers, if you wish to salvage some legitimacy for your cause, you should be howling for this guy's head. Where's the defense of women folks on THIS one?

Or is it like so many other "noble causes," the neo-liberals "support?" A means to a political end to be exploited when needed, and nothing more.

Speaking of fake causes for political ends. Mr. Cody Wilson, head of Defense Distributed, the non-profit behind the 3D printable gun manufacturing buzz in the news, was ordered by the U.S. State Department to remove it's recently developed plans for a single-shot, .22 caliber handgun from the Internet.

Interesting, as it seems the U.S. government actually lacks any authority to do so. Citing the old saw of "National Security" the criminals in Washington again attempt to rule the land by fear and fiat instead of law and order.

The groups' spokesman was reported as saying, "The files have been posted on international servers outside the reach of the U.S. government's authority, and Wilson notes, "(The files) have been downloaded from our website more than 1 million times." (source: CNN). 

Perhaps the Department of State can explain how posting technical drawings on the Internet is the same as exporting manufactured gun parts to foreign countries--for this is the excuse used to give the thugs at State jurisdiction in the matter. 

An out-of-control government needs brought to heel. A group of armed criminals is indeed a threat to our national security and sovereignty: too bad it's the criminals in D.C. where no prosecutor or cop seems to know the address of the capitol building. 

We still need a war crimes tribunal in the United States, we still need the international community to take action and punish these filth for their mass-murders, frauds, and crimes against humanity and the rule of  law. We still need the international community to hold the butchers of the West to the same standards as the "butchers" of the third world. 

Americans and others, worldwide, are being murdered and abused, and members of governments are the perpetrators. 

And also, I think, that Carthage should be destroyed.  

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