Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's hard being ahead of the curve.

After my last post on the non-existent threat to the current administration's continuance, the past week's media have been filled with pundits opining on the viability of the Obama administration.

Guess playing catch-up is the name of the game.

Not that President Obama, nor his former SoS have much to worry about. Despite the rantings of the GOPer "right," which included the amazing sight of Mike Huckabee telling folks that the Benghazi hearings would bring down the President and Ms. Clinton, I don't think we'll be seeing Mr. Obama boarding Air Force Two, flashing a double, victory-sign, and fading out of sight somewhere over the Potomac anytime soon.

But theater like that makes for GOOD fundraising, eh Mr. H?

Despite my own comments during the last election cycle that the president Mr. Obama most resembles IS the notorious Mr. Richard Milhouse Nixon, I don't ever see President Obama being removed or forced from office, for ANY reason.

Why? It's quite simple. The first "Black" President can't be held accountable for criminal acts. This guy could murder Americans without trial and get away with it. Oh wait, he already has.

So, where does that leave the rest of us? Comfortable being slaves on the federal prison plantation yet?

The economy is doing better, if you're one of the insider, criminal class that get special access, free money, and privileges denied all others. Not so much for the rest of us, though, you know, the ones actually stuck paying the debts of these banker trash.

What? Didn't you realize you, the American taxpayer, were funding the private wealth of the world's most corrupt, useless, and fascists bunch of criminals since Adolph and company ran the original European Union?

Statism: the theft of others' wealth, property, and labor by an extractive, criminal class. While this extraction is not in and of itself necessarily bad for a national economy, the fact that the class that "runs" it most also constantly ensure "THEY" remain the beneficiaries of it, IS. The stagnation and stratification caused by a pseudo-aristocracy's consolidation of controls and illegal manipulation of markets and resources--manipulations that continue to steal more and more other peoples' labor and resources--results in the eventual collapse of the system. No one will continue to work to make someone else rich.

Last time I checked, slavery was abolished in America in 1865, there is no legal means of coercion to prop up the current government or its' corporate trash.

They passed laws in Germany making the Holocaust completely legal too, and we hung everyone of them just the same. Guess the neo-fascists should have learned.

Here's a simple question for you: "Are all current and recent members of the Federal Government's controlling bodies war criminals or not?"

Your answer will tell me everything I need to know about how much you believe in "law" or "order."

I'm still looking for a state, or a group of states, with enough testes amongst them to order out every, single, thug in the employ of the outlaw, federal, state.

We need a Nuremberg Court right here in America, with guns and bayonets to back it up.

And also, I think, that Carthage should be destroyed.

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